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Check out WaterWise, our combined effort newsletter. This newsletter replaces the Soil Water and Irrigation Management Newsletter and PesticideWise Newletter. The intent of the publication is to disseminate summaries of research results and topics of interest to UC farm advisors, CE specialists, and UC faculty working in areas related to water management and environmental sciences. Our debut edition focuses on water issues. Each issue will address a current topic in water policy. The first two issues will look at the TMDL program from natural science, policy, and economic viewpoints. The TMDL program is a new approach to water regulation that is likely to significantly affect industry, agriculture, and government. The first edition discusses the TMDL approach and regulation, some recent legislative updates to the TMDL program, pesticide TMDLs, and the relationship between solid-waste application application and water quality.


David Crohn

Jay Gan

  • Professor of Environmental Chemistry
  • Water Quality Specialist
  • Research emphasizes environmental fate and transport of organic contaminants especially pesticide. His current focus is assessment and mitigation of pesticide pollution to surface and ground water sources.

Laosheng Wu

Jim Oster

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