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Ph.D., Soil Chemistry, Purdue Un., West Lafayette, IN. 1964.

M.S., Soil Chemistry, Purdue, Un., West Lafayette, IN. 1963.

B. S., Soil Science, N. D. State Un., Fargo, ND. 1959.


1963 - 1965. U. S. Army Chemical Corps, Denver, CO.

1965 - 1981. USDA-ARS, U. S. Salinity Lab., Riverside, CA. Soil Scientist.

1981 - present. University of California, Cooperative Extension, Riverside, CA. Soil and Water Specialist and Adjunct Professor.

Other Job Experience.

1997 - Associate Editor, Agricultural Water Management

1987 - 1989. Chairman, U. C. Committee of Consultants on Drainage Water Reduction.

1984 - 1990. Editor-in-Chief, Applied Agricultural Research, Springer Verlag, Inc., NY.

1978 - 1987. Cooperating Scientist, USDA, OICD, PL480, Soil Reclamation Project, Egypt Ministry of Agriculture.

1991 - 1994. Member, Pakistan Research Program Review Team for National Academy of Sciences, Office of International Affairs, Board on Science Technology in International Development, Washington D. C.

1989 - present Consultant, Inversiones Agricolas e Industriales Siemel S. A. Chile. Sodic Soil Reclamation. Milagro, S.A., Montevideo, Uruguay. Irrigation and drainage management.


1975 - 1976. Soil and Water Institute, Volcani Center, Bet Dagan, Israel.

1988 - 1989. Institute for Irrigation and Salinity Research, Tatura, Australia.

1994 - 1995. Instituto de Investigaciones Agropecuarias (Institute for Agricultural Research), Vallenar, Chile

Selected Grants.

1988 - 1993. $500,000 Dept. of Water Resources, On-farm comparison of Surface, LEPA, and Subsurface Irrigation. PI Stu Styles Boyle Engineering, Fresno; C. Phene, USDA/ARS, and J. Oster, Assistant PI's.

1989 - 1992. $50,000. Kearney Foundation. Water Penetration Manual.

1986 - 1989. $90,000, U. C. Salinity and Drainage Task Force, On-farm Demonstration of Best Managed Surface and Sub-surface Irrigation.

1994 - present $200,000, USBR Challenge Grant, Developing Sustainable Reuse and Disposal of Saline Drainwater on Eucalyptus and other Salt Tolerant Plants


Honorary Societies: Alpha Zeta, Sigma Xi, Gamma Sigma Delta

Fellow: American Society of Agronomy

Publication Summary.

Peer reviewed publications, conference proceedings, and invited chapters, 98; semitechnical articles, 20; books and manual, 2; newsletters, bulletins, and technical reports, 24.

Selected Publications:

Oster, J. D., J. L. Meyer, L. Hermsmeier, and M. Kaddah. 1986. Field studies of irrigation efficiency in the Imperial Valley. Hilgardia. 54(7): 1-15.

Oster, J. D., J. Letey, and K. Knapp. 1990. Economics of drainage water reduction. Proceedings of National Conf. on Irrigation and Drainage. ASAE. Durango, CO. July 11-13, 1990. pp 427-434.

Wichelns, D., and J. D. Oster. 1990. Potential economic returns to improved irrigation infiltration uniformity. Agric. Water Management 18:253-266.

Tracy, J. E., J. D. Oster, and R. J. Beaver. 1990. Selenium in the Southern Coast Range of California: Well Waters, Mapped Geological Units, and Related Elements. J. Env. Qual. 19:46-50.

Oster, J.D., R. G. Evans, C. J. Smith, J. B. Prendergast, and B. Myers. 1991. Infiltration variability of a furrow irrigated Lenmos loam using permanent furrows. National Symposium on Preferential Flow, Chicago, Ill.

Smith, R. B., J. D. Oster, and C. Phene. 1991. Subsurface drip produced highest net return in Westlands area study. Cal. Agr. 45(2):8-10.

Fulton, A. E., J. D. Oster, B. R. Hanson, C. J. Phene, and D. G. Goldhamer. 1991. Reducing drainwater: Furrow vs. subsurface drip irrigation. Cal. Agr. 45(2):4-8.

Oster, J. D., M. J. Singer, A. Fulton, W. Richardson, and T. Pritchard. 1992. Water penetration problems in California Soils: Prevention, Diagnoses, and Solutions. Kearney Foundation of Soil Science, University of California Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources. 166 p.

Oster, J.D., R. B. Smith, C. Phene, A. Fulton, S. W. Styles, and T. Fernandes. 1993. Irrigation methods for drainage reduction: Subsurface drip vs. furrow irrigation. 15th ICID Congress, The Hague, September 1993.

Letey, J. and J. D. Oster. 1993. Subterranean disposal of irrigation drainage waters in western San Joaquin Valley. In Richard G. Allen (ed.). ASCE, 1993 National Conf., Management of Irrigation and Drainage Systems: Integrated Perspective. July 21-23, 1993. Park City, Utah. pp 691-697.

Oster, J.D. 1993. Sodic soil reclamation. In: H. Lieth and A. Al Masoom (eds). Towards the Rational Use of High Salinity Tolerant Plants. Kluwer Academic Publishers. Printed in the Netherlands. Vol. 1:485-490.

Oster, J.D. 1994. Irrigation with poor quality water. Agricultural Water Management 25:271-297.

Oster, J.D. 1994. Management of irrigation water and its ecological impact. Trans. 15th World Congress of Soil Science, Vol. 3a:332-345.

Oster, J.D., I. Shainberg and I.P. Abrol. 1996. Reclamation of salt-affected soil, Cb. 14. In: M. Agassi (ed.). Soil Erosion, Conservation, and Rehabilitation. Marcel Dekker, Inc. New York. pp 315-351.

Oster, J.D.and N.S. Jayawardane. 199x. Agricultural management of sodic soils, Ch. 8. In: M.E. Summner and R. Naidu (eds.). Sodic Soils: Distribution, Processes., Management and Environmental Consequences. Oxford University Press. 97 manuscript pages.

Oster, J.D. 199x. Book review of "Soil salinity and water quality," by R. Chhabra. Agricultural Water Management, Elsevier Sciences, Oxford, England.

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